blue bag recycling

Blue Bag Recycling

  • No additional charge for this service for Granger trash collection customers*
  • Bag tag customers may use bag tags for recycling bags
  • Purchase specially designed blue recycling bags at a local retailer or online
  • Put all accepted recyclables in the blue bags and set out next to your trash or in your trash cart on trash day
  • Recycling is collected with your trash in the same truck and sorted out from trash when it gets to our facility.

*Available in select communities outside the greater Lansing area. Please contact us to check availability.

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Granger trash customers in our northern and southern service territories can participate in our Blue Bag Recycling program in just a few steps:

  • Purchase any size sturdy blue recycling bags at local retailers or online.
  • Place all clean recyclables into blue recycling bags.
  • Tie full blue recycling bags and place with trash bags in cart or at curb on your collection day.

For more details, tips and guidelines about the Blue Bag Recycling program, click here.

To find out if you are eligible to participate in Blue Bag Recycling, please email us at or call 1-888-9GRANGER.

  • All materials can be placed in your blue bags together.
  • Rinse containers clean
  • Break down and flatten boxboard and cardboard
  • Blue Bag Recycling Service Information
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  • 1. Can I use bag tags for blue bag recycling?

    If you live in an area where blue bag recycling is available, you can use bag tags for your recycling as well. Just make sure you’re using the appropriate blue bags so we can tell what’s trash and what’s recycling. To find out more about blue bag recycling, click here.

  • 2. What are the advantages of blue bag recycling?

    The biggest advantage is that we only use one truck for both trash and recycling. That means the process is more efficient and less expensive (and costs you, as a trash customer, nothing additional).

  • 3. Who is eligible for blue bag recycling?

    Customers in select communities outside of the greater Lansing area are eligible. Contact us to see if you're in our blue bag service territory.

  • 4. Why can’t Lansing area customers use blue bag recycling?

    Trash from Lansing area customers goes directly to the landfill, not to a transfer station. Logistically speaking, it’s just not practical to sort through trash in the landfill to separate the blue bags. Luckily, there are other recycling options available to Lansing-area customers.

    Alternative Recycling Services:


  • 5. What happens if I don’t use special blue recycling bags for blue bag recycling?

    If we can’t identify the bag as recyclables by its blue color, we won’t be able to separate it from the trash. If you use a blue bag that is not a special recycling bag, it may get destroyed inside the trash truck and those materials will not be separated from the trash.


  • 6. How do you sign up for blue bag recycling?

    You don’t have to! How easy is that? If you already have trash service and know you’re in the blue bag service territory, you can just start putting your recycling out on your trash day as soon as you have your blue bags.

  • 7. What is blue bag recycling?

    Blue bag recycling is a service in which recyclables are placed in special blue recycling bags and picked up with regular trash on trash collection day. Recyclables are separated from trash when they reach our disposal facility. This service is available at no additional charge to trash customers in limited areas.