City of St. Louis Curbside Recycling

Set recyclables street-side weekly by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Click on the map below to find your collection day.

Please note, if you live on Washington Avenue or Main Street, your service day is determined by the side of the street on which your house is located. Please contact us for more information.

St Louis

Accepted Items

corrugated cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

Break down, remove any contaminants (Styrofoam, wood or food) and place cardboard in your Curby Recycler or stack it under your recycling tub.

NOT ACCEPTED: wax-coated boxes, 6-, 12- or 24-pack beverage cases


Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Bags

Household items with #1 through #7 accepted, including bottles and jugs with narrow, threaded neck; plastic tubs (margarine, sour cream, etc.); microwave trays; and yogurt containers. All color plastic bags from grocery or other retail stores and Ziploc-type zipper bags are accepted. To avoid loose bags, place all bags inside one plastic bag and tie shut.

NOT ACCEPTED: paper- or wax-coated milk or juice cartons, Styrofoam containers/packaging, syringes, garden hoses/rubber, furniture, pools, toys, buckets, barrels, free-flowing liquids, plastic wrappers

mixed paper

Mixed Paper

Place newspaper, magazines, direct “junk” mail, first class mail, other printing and writing papers, phone books and envelopes loose in Curby Recycler or tub.

NOT ACCEPTED: plastic bags, string, twine, stickers, coins or plastic stuck on papers

metal cans & aluminum

Tin Cans & Aluminum

Rinse clean and flatten.

NOT ACCEPTED: paint cans, appliances, hangers, fencing, scrap metal, aerosol cans or containers with food residue



Boxboard includes items like tissue boxes, cereal boxes and paper towel rolls. Break down and remove any contaminants (food, plastic or foil packaging).

NOT ACCEPTED: plastic, Styrofoam, wax- or foil-coated boxes, refrigerator or freezer boxes, including 6-, 12- or 24-pack beverage cases

colored and clear glass bottles

Food & Beverage Glass*

Accepted items include clear and colored glass jars and bottles. Rinse clean and remove lids and metal rings. Metal lids may be placed in your Curby Recycler, but must be removed from the jar or bottle. Labels may be left on containers.

NOT ACCEPTED: Window panes, light bulbs, Pyrex, plate glass or automobile glass

*Although we accept glass in street-side collections in your area, due to potential injury to associates during the collection and sorting process, we would prefer that glass be recycled at one of our drop-off centers. Download our glass recycling guide for a listing of the drop-off recycling locations for glass.