Keeping Kids Safe Around Garbage Trucks

By Andrea Davis on June 28, 2022

Kids love garbage trucks and they have a great time interacting with their garbage men and women. They enjoy seeing the truck go by and watching the mechanical arm pick up the cart and get excited when the driver waves and honks the horn. And the feeling is definitely mutual. Garbage men and women get a huge kick out of the kids on their route since they bring joy to days that can be grueling. But it’s easy to forget that being around a garbage truck also requires caution.

We want to see children on our routes, but more importantly, we want them to be protected. Please remember these simple tips and help your kids understand them so we can ensure our interactions are fun and safe.

  • Never play or stand behind a garbage truck, even if it appears to be parked.
  • Don’t run up to a garbage truck when you see it. If you want to interact with a driver, be sure to get his or her attention and make eye contact before approaching, and even then, don’t get too close.
  • Understand that the garbage truck has moving parts that could hurt you and be sure to keep back from the mechanical arm and anything being picked up by the truck.
  • When you hear a beeping noise, look for a garbage truck or other vehicle that is backing up and be sure you stay far away from it.
  • Remember that, due to their large size and weight, garbage trucks take much longer to stop than cars.
  • Granger garbage trucks have cameras in several different locations outside the truck that increase visibility, but there are still spots around the truck that are difficult for the driver to see. Always be sure the driver of the truck can see you or stay very far away from it.
  • It is very important not to ever to climb on a garbage truck, even when it’s stopped. This goes for trash or recycling carts and large containers too!

Thanks for helping us keep your children safe! We’ll see you (safely) soon!