Meaningful Careers

Why settle for a short-term job when you can have a long-term career as part of the Granger team? Our associates perform important jobs that help keep our communities running, receive generous compensation and enjoy a work environment where safety is a top priority.

Granger is an equal opportunity employer.

Does a challenging and rewarding career as part of the Granger team seem like a good fit for you?

What Our Associates Have to Say

“My favorite thing about working for Granger is the relationships I’ve formed. The people I work with are more like family than coworkers.”

– Bill P., Sales Representative

“I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to succeed at Granger. The fact that my supervisors were willing to listen and take a chance on my ideas has allowed me to work my way up to where I am now.”

– Paul A., Senior Director of Operations

“I really appreciate the way Granger allows me to provide for my family’s future. The generous annual 401k contribution, the health insurance plan and the other benefits help make me and my family feel secure.”

– Kim S., Operations Manager

Have what it takes to be a professional driver?

Professional drivers at Granger enjoy exceptional benefits, daytime shifts for worklife balance and a long-term career opportunity!

Reason #1 to Work at Granger

Golden Rule — Granger was founded by the Granger brothers based on the Golden Rule—treat others the way you want to be treated. Our associates embrace the Golden Rule, whether they’re dealing with customers, other associates or the general public.

Reason #2 to Work at Granger

Belonging — Granger is a family-owned business, so it’s no surprise that working at Granger is a family environment based on Christian values. This base gives us a sense of connectedness.

Reason #3 to Work at Granger

A Career — We’re in it for the long-haul and we want our associates to be too. Working at Granger isn’t about a short-term job; it’s about long-term careers that will benefit associates, their families and our company.

Reason #4 to Work at Granger

Fun — No one wants to spend 40 hours a week or more at a job where they’re not having fun. We expect associates to have fun along the way, and we do what we can to support that.

Reason #5 to Work at Granger

Satisfaction — We like to think we’re making this world a better place for our children, grandchildren and future generations through responsible environmental stewardship. Our associates can feel good about their contribution.

Reason #6 to Work at Granger

Safety — We put a greater emphasis on safety than most workplaces. Our associates are our most valuable resource and we are committed to sending them home safely to their families every day. We equip all our associates with training and work conditions that allow them to apply the safest work practices.

Reason #7 to Work at Granger

Opportunity — We want all associates to feel good about their jobs. We also want to make the best use of our skills to help our company. That’s why we encourage associates to develop new skills and grow and why we promote from within whenever possible.

Reason #8 to Work at Granger

Compensation — We appreciate our associates and want to make sure they are rewarded for their hard work. That’s why we provide a generous compensation package that includes a wide range of benefit options.