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  • 1. Which holidays will affect my service?

    Granger recognizes the following major holidays:

    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

    All Granger offices and operations are closed for these holidays. If the holiday falls on a weekday, services on and after the holiday will run one day behind for the remainder of the week. If the holiday falls on a weekend, there will be no delay to service.

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  • 2. What should I do if my cart breaks?

    Luckily, having cart service with Granger means your cart will be replaced free of charge in most cases. If your cart is in need of repair, contact us and we’ll deliver another cart to you on our next delivery day.

    Request a New Cart

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  • 3. What should I do if my cart smells? Can I get a replacement?

    Your Curby cart is bound to smell less than pleasant at some point. That’s what happens when you put trash in something. Though we don’t replace carts because they smell, we have a few suggestions for keeping your cart smelling fresher:

    • Bag all your trash. This will help keep your cart cleaner.
    • Partially fill the cart with water and add some bleach and let it sit for a day or two. Scrub and clean. The bleach will soak into the plastic and it will help to sanitize the cart.
    • Power wash it. We know some of you out there love an excuse to use the power washer.
    • Put a few moth balls in the bottom of the cart after every service. This helps with smells and also with keeping those pesky critters at bay. Of course, if you hate the smell of moth balls, we don’t recommend this option.

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  • 4. What if my cart disappears?

    If you know you are paid up on your bill, we probably didn’t take your cart. And as unlikely as it may seem, carts do get stolen occasionally. If your cart comes up missing, use our cart request form.

    Request a New Cart

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  • 5. What should I do if there’s trash in my cart that isn’t mine?

    Once in a while, you may find that one of your neighbors is putting trash in your cart. And although it might be fun to play detective for a while, unfortunately, our customer service representatives and drivers can’t track down the culprit for you. If you happen to find some evidence (like a piece of mail with a name and address on it) in your trash, contact your local police department.

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  • 6. Do you offer incentives for referring customers?

    Yes. Residential customers with weekly trash service are eligible to receive a free month of trash service when they refer others who sign up for service. The new customer must mention the referring customer when signing up for service.

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  • 7. How do I reserve a pavilion at Granger Meadows Park?

    After we built Granger Meadows Park, we donated it to DeWitt Charter Township. Please direct all pavilion rental and other inquiries about the park to DeWitt Township at 517-668-0270.

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  • 8. How does Granger get involved in the community?

    We are proud to give back to the communities we serve. Click here to learn more about our educational and corporate giving programs.

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  • 9. What are the terms of my Granger service?

    For information on terms and conditions, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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  • 1. Where can I find prices for your services?

    Due to a number of variables, it's difficult for us to post pricing on our website. However, we'd be happy to give you a price quote. Just fill out the Request Service form and customer service will respond with a no-obligation quote for service. If you would prefer to request pricing over the phone or via email, you can do so by calling 1-888-947-2643 or

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  • 2. When is my bill due?

    Most residential customers are billed quarterly. Commercial customers are billed monthly. The payment due date can be found on your invoice.

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  • 3. How can I pay my bill?

    There are several convenient ways to pay your Granger bill. 

    • Sign up for our automated bill payment, Curby Quick Pay. We’ll keep your card on file and it will be automatically charged each time your bill is due.
    • Pay online.
    • Use our automated phone payment system by calling 1-888-947-2643 and following the prompts. You’ll need your account number and invoice number.
    • Mail your payment to Granger, P.O. Box 22213, Lansing, MI 48906-22213.
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  • 4. Can I pay my bill in person?

    Granger has no on-site payment centers. We ask that you pay your bill in the one of the convenient ways listed above.

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  • 5. Why are there three monthly charges on my bill?

    Residential customers are all billed on a quarterly basis. Each charge is for a separate month. For example, bills mailed in January will include charges for January, February and March.

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  • 6. Why is there an extra bag charge on my bill?

    Whenever you exceed the number of bags allowed with your service, you will see a charge for each extra bag. If you’re unsure of how many bags you’re allowed to set out or feel you have been incorrectly charged, please contact us.

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  • 7. What is the bulk item charge on my bill for?

    You may see LARGE BULK ITEM CHARGE or SMALL BULK ITEM CHARGE on your invoice. These charges refer to items that don’t fit in your bags or Curby cart, such as appliances (large bulk), furniture (large bulk), microwaves (small bulk) or shop vacs (small bulk). Collection of these items is not included in your monthly charge for trash collection. If you believe this charge was made in error, please contact us.

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  • 8. What should I do if I can't pay my bill?

    If you find you can't pay your bill, please call our office at 517-372-2800 or 1-888-947-2643 to let us know. We will do our best to work with you to avoid a service interruption.

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  • 9. What forms of payment do you accept at Disposal Centers?

    Credit cards and debit cards are accepted for payment at Disposal Centers. No cash or checks are accepted.

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  • 10. What is the state/county/local surcharge on my bill?

    Waste generated in Michigan is subject to state, county and local surcharges. These are pass through surcharges, which means the authorizing agencies place the responsibility on companies like Granger that manage your waste to collect them and then pay them to the agency. These fees are structured differently and have a variety of purposes. As a result, Granger Waste Services assesses state, county and local surcharges on customer invoices, currently 3.0% of all invoice charges.

    This charge allows Granger Waste Services to collectively recover a portion of its overall enterprise-wide costs associated with host community fees, government surcharges and ordinance fees paid to municipal or other governmental authorities or agencies to engage in the waste collection, transfer, processing, disposal, treatment and/or recycling business. The amount or percentage of the surcharge fee is not specifically tied to the direct or indirect costs to service a specific customer account, but to Granger’s overall applicable enterprise-wide governmental costs for all customers, whether they pay this charge or not.


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  • 11. What is the fuel surcharge on my bill?

    The fuel surcharge is a recurring fee that is a variable percentage of all invoice charges except the state/county/local surcharges. It is not a tax, surcharge or fee mandated by or remitted to, any governmental or regulatory agency. This surcharge is intended to help Granger Waste Services recover fuel costs associated with the operation of its collection, transfer, landfill and recycling services and facilities.

    More information can be found here.

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  • 1. Does Granger accept electronics for recycling?

    Electronics are not accepted in curbside recycling or at the Recycling Drop-off Center.

    Commercial customers may be able to arrange for recycling of electronic items on a limited basis. Fees are based on quantity and type of items. Please contact our sales team at for assistance.

    Other resources are available to homeowners for electronics recycling, such as electronics stores and community collection days.

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  • 2. Do you accept phone books for recycling?

    Phone books may be placed for recycling in the mixed paper container at Wood Road Recycling Drop-off Center. Phone books can also be recycled in curbside recycling collection.

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  • 3. Do you accept office paper for recycling at the Wood Road Drop-off Center?

    Residential office paper is accepted in the mixed paper container at the Recycling Drop-off Center on Wood Road.

    Businesses should to use the special containers for office paper in the parking lot in front of Granger Recycling Center (driveway No. 4) at 16936 Wood Road. Shredded office paper should be bagged before being placed in these containers. The containers are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

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