Sick of Your Smelly Trash Cart? Here’s How to Keep It Cleaner

By Rachael on August 17, 2017

It’s hard to keep your trash from smelling, but there is a way to keep your Curby cart cleaner. Follow these easy tips:

  1. Bag all your trash. If your trash is contained in bags, it’s less likely to get into your cart to get it messy. It only makes sense, right?
  2. Double bag pet waste and other particularly messy or smelly trash. This will help ensure it stays in at least one of the bags and makes for a much cleaner cart.
  3. Keep liquids out of your trash. Liquids aren’t supposed to go in the landfill anyway, but they can also create quite a mess in your cart. There are other ways to get rid of those pesky liquids.
  4. Control your food waste. If you’re doing kitchen scrap composting, this is a no-brainer. Not having rotting food in your cart will make it a lot less smelly. But if composting isn’t an option, bag your food waste and keep it in the freezer until your trash collection day. It will keep it from smelling, particularly during the hot, summer months. Just don’t forget it’s in there!
  5. Up your trash bag game. Using stronger, thicker trash bags means they’re less likely to break or leak in your cart. You can also buy odor-reducing trash bags for extra smell protection.
  6. Use an odor absorber in the bottom of your cart. Sprinkling a little baking soda on the inside bottom of the cart is an inexpensive way to absorb odors.

Of course, your cart may still get dirty and smelly. It is trash, after all. Stay tuned for some tips on how to clean your cart in an upcoming post.

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