Missed Pickup

There are a few different reasons why your trash, recycling or yard waste might not be picked up. Usually, it’s because your waste were not out when the truck was at your stop. Please keep in mind, you have a collection day, not a trash collection time. Your pickup time can vary significantly, due to a number of factors, so it’s best to have your materials out for pickup the night before your collection day.

If you believe your waste was out when the truck was at your stop, please contact us as soon as you can since there may be some problem with your collection.

Another reason part or all of your trash, recycling or yard waste collection may not be picked up is if you put out items that are not accepted. It’s important to review our waste acceptance guidelines, recycling guidelines and yard waste guidelines to determine which items are allowed in your collection. Please note that in most cases, collection of large bulk items like furniture and appliances requires advance scheduling (using the bulk collection form or calling 1-888-947-2643) and prepayment. (There are exceptions for those under some homeowners association or municipal contracts.)

If you forget to put waste out and miss your collection, you can contact our office to find out what your available options are. Usually, we will suggest you put out the accumulation on your next scheduled service day. If this amounts to extra waste beyond your service allotment, we will be sure to note this in your account when you call and will usually waive any additional charges.

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