Explanation of Surcharges

Waste generated in Michigan is subject to state, county and local surcharges. These are pass through surcharges, which means the authorizing agencies place the responsibility on companies like Granger that manage your waste to collect them and then pay them to the agency. These fees are structured differently and have a variety of purposes. As a result, Granger Waste Services assesses statecounty and local surcharges on customer invoices, currently 3.0% of all invoice charges. 

This charge allows Granger Waste Services to collectively recover a portion of its overall enterprise-wide costs associated with host community fees, government surcharges and ordinance fees paid to municipal or other governmental authorities or agencies to engage in the waste collection, transfer, processing, disposal, treatment and/or recycling businessThe amount or percentage of the surcharge fee is not specifically tied to the direct or indirect costs to service a specific customer account, but to Granger’s overall applicable enterprise-wide governmental costs for all customers, whether they pay this charge or not.  

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