What to Do with Remodeling Waste

By Andrea Davis on October 10, 2019

There are many things to think about when starting a remodeling or renovation project in your home. You might think about supplies, building permits and meeting code requirements, but what you might not think about is how to dispose of the waste. Here are a few things to think about on the subject of waste as you’re getting ready to emulate your DIY heroes.

Instead of throwing items away, consider donating them or using them for another project. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore takes a variety of used items for donation. (View more information here.) Others that take donations include churches, local families in need, friends or relatives moving into their first home, as well schools and community theaters. Maybe you can even use these items somewhere else in your home or do a craft project with them. Your neighbors might not appreciate you turning that old toilet into a planter for your front yard, though.

Materials that come from a home renovation, demolition or remodel shouldn’t go in your curbside recycling or to the drop-off, but there are ways to recycle them. Old concrete, asphalt and bricks can be recycled, as can scrap metal. In some places, you may even be able to get cash or product credit for recycling these materials.

Curbside Disposal
In general, we don’t accept construction and demolition materials in curbside trash collection. So, please don’t leave piles of drywall, wood scraps or floor or ceiling tiles at the curb. However, some items, such as old vanities and cabinets, toilets and carpeting, can be accepted, but need to be paid for in advance and prepared in a certain fashion. Schedule a bulk pickup of one of these items here or call us at 1-888-9GRANGER.

Self-Haul Disposal
If you have access to a trailer and don’t have enough waste to justify renting a large container, a cost-effective way of disposing of your waste might be hauling it to one of our Disposal Centers.

Please note that everything in your load must comply with our Waste Acceptance Guidelines. Asbestos-containing materials have special requirements for disposal, so be sure to call ahead (1-888-9GRANGER) to find out what testing and preparation must be completed before bringing your materials to the Disposal Center.

Renting a Container
A large, temporary container can be the best way to dispose of a large volume of construction and demolition material. Several sizes of containers are available for rental in many parts of our service territory, and they are conveniently dropped off and picked up at your building location.

However, certain materials shouldn’t be put in these large containers, and there are also size restrictions on containers for particularly heavy materials. For example, when disposing of concrete, your rental container can be no larger than 10 yards. Roofing job waste is limited to a 20-yard container. Find more information on large container rental here.


There you have it—the skinny on how to get rid of waste from your DIY project. Now you’re an expert on at least one part of the job.

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