4 Reasons to Love Your Garbage Man or Woman

By Andrea Davis on February 14, 2020

Sure, your spouse is pretty great, and you love your friends and your kids. But what about that unsung hero in your life? You know who we’re talking about—that superhero in disguise who picks up your trash. Here are some reasons to love your garbage man or woman.

They make the world a better place.

That is if you think cleaner is better, and who wouldn’t? If you don’t appreciate how important the job these workers do is, just take a moment to imagine your neighborhood full of trash that never gets picked up.

They sometimes risk their health and well-being to get the job done.

Although we do our best to make operations as safe as possible, the reality is that picking up trash for a living is one of themost dangerous professions. Working in traffic can endanger their safety and lifting heavy bags and other trash all day can lead to injury. Yet these workers are still out there every day, doing their jobs in the safest way they can.

They go above and beyond.

Sometimes that means taking a cart up to the house for an elderly or injured customer. Or it could mean picking up a mess they didn’t create. Just listen to the kind words of these customers from East Lansing and Okemos:

“I’m so grateful to the driver this morning who saw our recycling put out just after he passed the house and came back for it! We have a huge graduation open house tomorrow and need all the room we can get. With all the craziness I completely forgot about it until I heard the truck. Thank you for going above and beyond!”

“A few weeks ago, my mother was in town and got her car stuck in the snow and your drivers stopped and helped dig/push her out. I wanted to be sure they were recognized for this since it is definitely not in their job descriptions, I’m sure, but it was very much appreciated.”

“I put my trash out Tuesday night and either a vehicle or the plow hit my cart and it went down into our ditch. Without hesitation our driver threw on his gloves went down into the ditch, serviced the trash, put it upright and went on his way. He went above and beyond today in this nasty weather and I am very grateful she I have such a great driver on my route.”

No matter how busy they are, they always take time to connect.

Whether it’s a chat about the weather, offering a cheery wave or delivering a Curby toy to a young fan, our drivers take some time out of their schedule to maintain relationships with their customers. This Owosso customer and Williamston customer let us know about their connection with their children:

“Showing our appreciation on a rainy Friday morning to two of the best garbage men around! These girls have had a friendship with them since they were babies. Thank you for loving what you do and always bringing a smile to our faces on Friday mornings!”

“Every Wednesday morning my toddler stands in the front window anxiously waiting for the truck to pull up. Your employee waves and smiles, making it a whole exciting experience for my son. During the summer, my older son even got involved with the Wednesday morning ritual. My husband and I wanted to say thank you and recognize this gentleman’s positive, repeated interaction with our children.”