Granger Glossary of Waste, Part 2

By Andrea Davis on March 22, 2019

Well, here we are talking trash again. For more definitions of those interesting waste industry terms, keep reading.

Automated Side Load (ASL)—A residential garbage or recycling truck with a mechanical arm that is operated from inside the cab using a joystick

Convertainer—A type of trash truck used for hauling large trash containers

Capping—The process of putting final cover material on a section of landfill

Cell—A distinct section of a landfill, usually about 10 acres in size

Daily Cover—Material put on top of the working face of the landfill at the end of each day

Front-load Truck—A waste truck, generally used to empty commercial containers, which raises the container using mechanical arms and dumps it into an opening on top of the truck

Hopper—The part of the garbage truck or compactor where waste is placed before being compacted

Leachate—Rainwater and other liquids that come into contact with waste in the landfill and are collected and treated

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)—Trash that comes from homes, retail establishments, restaurants and offices

Rear-load Truck—A residential garbage truck in which carts, bags and other trash items are dumped into a hopper in the back of the truck

Roll-off Truck—A garbage truck used for hauling large trash containers with wheels that can be used to slide it on and off the bed of the truck

Route—A specifically designed course that waste and recycling drivers take to pick up their stops each collection day

Scale House—A building where incoming vehicles delivering waste to a landfill or transfer station stop to be weighed or measured before entering

Special Waste—Material that is not hazardous waste, but requires special review and handling before disposal

Waste Stream—The entire flow of waste from residential, commercial and industrial locations to its final disposal location

Working Face—The section of the landfill where waste is being actively placed by disposal trucks

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