How to Make a Tasty, Educational Landfill Sundae

By Andrea Davis on February 6, 2024

For years, Granger associates have been making landfill sundaes at local events. It’s a great way to educate people about how we build landfills and make them safe places to put trash. Not to mention that it’s fun and tasty! Adults and kids alike enjoy this activity and now you can do it at home. Check out this video for a quick rundown and read the easy steps that follow:

What You’ll Need
Clear plastic cups
Ice cream (any flavor)
Fruit Roll-ups
Crushed graham crackers
Crushed Oreos (or other chocolate cookies)
Whipped cream (dyed green using food coloring)
Green sprinkles (optional)

Step 1
Place one scoop of ice cream in the bottom of the cup. The ice cream represents the clay used in the bottom of the landfill.

Step 2
Cut a Fruit Roll-up to size and place on top of the ice cream in the cup. A round cookie cutter works great for this! The Fruit Roll-up symbolizes the plastic liner we use in the landfill.

Step 3
Place one scoop of crushed graham crackers on top of the Fruit Roll-up. This represents sand and gravel used when building a landfill.

Step 4
Stand a Twizzler up along the inside of the cup. Twizzlers are the pipes we use to remove leachate (liquid in the trash) and landfill gas from the landfill.

Step 5
Place a scoop of M&Ms in the cup. M&Ms are meant to be the trash placed in the landfill, but in reality, they are a yummy treat!

Step 6
Just like in the landfill, we have to cover all the trash with soil, so we place crushed Oreos on top of the layer of M&Ms.

Step 7
Repeat a layer of M&Ms (trash) covered by a layer of Oreos (soil).

Step 8
Now it’s time to cap the landfill. Start with another layer of ice cream (clay).

Step 9
Add crushed Oreos (soil) to the landfill cap.

Step 10
Finish the cap by planting grass on top. Cover it with a scoop of green whipped cream and add a few green sprinkles for good measure.

Now comes the best part—eating all that delicious education!