Random Questions about Your Waste Collection

By Andrea Davis on October 26, 2018

Do you ever lay awake at night wondering about your trash or recycling service? You know, those burning questions that randomly pop into your head that you wish you knew the answer to? Well, we’re here to help. Keep reading for answers to those consuming questions that keep you up at night.


Do I own my Granger cart?

If you have cart service, use of that cart is included with your service. However, that cart is still the property of Granger, which is great for you. It means that Granger shoulders all the responsibility for the cart, and if it is lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll replace it free of charge, provided any damage is accidental. (If you use it as a burning barrel, we won’t make any guarantees.) If you need your cart replaced, please fill out this form.

Do recyclable items get pulled out of the trash and recycled?

For many different reasons, things you throw away in your trash don’t get recycled. For example, if you put cardboard boxes out next to your trash cart, they’ll get picked up by a trash truck and taken to the landfill, not recycled. If you’d like to recycle, please contact us at [email protected] to find out if curbside or blue bag recycling is offered in your area. Otherwise, you may want to use one of our Recycling Drop-Offs.

What should I do if I find trash in my cart that isn’t mine?

Once in a while, you may find that one of your neighbors is putting trash in your cart. And although it might be fun to play detective, unfortunately, our customer service representatives and drivers can’t track down the culprit for you. If you happen to find some evidence (like a piece of mail with a name and address on it) in your trash, contact your local police department.

Can I use my own container for trash?

We prefer that you don’t use store-bought containers. These containers are not built to withstand the same conditions as our commercial grade carts. They can break easily with weekly use. Although in most cases we will allow you to use your own containers, we unfortunately can’t be responsible for any damage caused to them.

Do you offer an incentive for referring customers?

Yes! We love that we have satisfied customers who tell their friends about us. We want to reward you for your loyalty and for helping to spread the word. If you refer someone to Granger and that person starts service with us, you’ll receive a free month of service just to show our appreciation.

Can I put my service on hold?

If you’re going to be out of town for at least three months, you can put your service on hold. During this time, you will not receive service or be charged for your service. Seasonal hold requests must be made no later than two business days in advance. To put your service on hold, fill out this form. Please note, you cannot put your service on hold more than twice a year.

How do I find out about holiday delays?

There are several easy ways to determine if your service will be delayed due to a holiday.

  • Follow us on Facebook. We post about any delays on our page.
  • Sign up for email notification. We’ll send an email the week before the holiday to let you know whether or not there will be a delay. Just go to www.grangernet.com and click Sign Up at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Visit our website. An orange notification bar at the top of the homepage will indicate any service delay.
  • Go to our schedule page to see the list of holiday delays for the entire year.


Have questions we didn’t answer? Send them to [email protected] to see them featured in an upcoming blog post.