When Trash Gets Heavy

By Andrea Davis on July 13, 2022

Did you know there is a weight limit on bags and on Curby carts? It’s true. We ask that you limit the trash you put out to 30 pounds per bag and 200 pounds per cart. Why? Heavy bags and carts can cause two main problems:

  1. Injuries—The #1 reason we have weight restrictions is because heavy bags and carts are one of the leading causes of on-the-job injuries. Each year, our drivers are repeatedly injured due to lifting trash that’s just too heavy. And while we’re committed to servicing your trash to the best of our ability, lifting your heavy bag just isn’t worth injuries to our associates.
  2. Equipment damage—Those tipping arms on the back of the truck may look sturdy, but they can only take so much abuse. They will break if carts are too heavy.

We know it can be difficult to tell how heavy your bag or cart is. It might seem like it’s pretty light. So, while you may be thinking “my 5-year-old can lift that bag,” that might not really be the case. (Unless, of course, your 5-year-old is a little dynamo.) And remember, you’re lifting one or two bags today, not hundreds. While we’re not expecting you to haul your scale out to the curb to weigh your cart or take your bags into the bathroom, there are some helpful references you can use.

Each of the following weighs about 30 pounds:

  • An average 3-year-old
  • The average high schooler’s backpack
  • A small microwave

Each of the following weighs about 200 pounds:

  • A typical refrigerator
  • A manhole cover
  • Two bloodhounds

So, the next time you set your trash out, think about these items and make sure you’re not overdoing it with your bag or cart weights. We’ll thank you for it!