Ask Curby: Can I Throw Away Broken Glass?

By Rachael on November 10, 2017

Dear Captain CurbySM:

I was looking for something in the attic the other day and found some broken pieces of window glass. Is it ok to throw them away in my Curby cart? Should I try to recycle them?

Brian P.

Dear Brian:

Thanks for asking.

Our biggest concern when it comes to throwing away glass is making sure that no one handling the glass gets cut. Please be careful when you take the following steps:

  1. Place the glass pieces in a cardboard box that’s big enough to safely hold them.
  2. Shut the box and tape it closed with some type of heavy duty tape (packing tape, etc.).
  3. Write the words “broken glass” on the outside of the box.
  4. Place next to your Curby cart or bags.

Taking these steps will allow our drivers to easily identify that you have something sharp in your collection and will help keep them from being cut.

Window glass is not accepted for recycling collection, so please DO NOT put it in your curbside or blue bag recycling collection or take it to a recycling drop-off center. (There are recycling options for other types of glass, such as glass jars and bottles. Visit /drop-off-recycling/ for drop-off locations near you.)

Stay Safe!


Captain CurbySM
Captain CurbySM is the official mascot of Granger. With more than 30 years of experience in the waste industry, Curby’s passion and knowledge for waste and recycling is truly special. In his free time, Curby enjoys being involved in the community and inspiring others to be faithful stewards of the environment.
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