All Your Cart Questions Answered

By Rachael on February 3, 2017


What should I do if my cart smells? Can I get a replacement?
Your Curby cart is bound to smell less than pleasant at some point. That’s what happens when you put trash in something. Though we don’t replace carts because they smell, we have a few suggestions for keeping your cart smelling fresher:

  • Bag all your trash. This will help keep your cart cleaner.
  • Partially fill the cart with water and add some bleach and let it sit for a day or two. Scrub and clean. The bleach will soak into the plastic and it will help to sanitize the cart.
  • Power wash it. We know some of you out there love an excuse to use the power washer.
  • Put a few moth balls in the bottom of the cart after every service. This helps with smells and also with keeping those pesky critters at bay. Of course, if you hate the smell of moth balls, we don’t recommend this option.

What should I do if my cart breaks?
Luckily, having cart service with Granger means your cart will be replaced free of charge anytime it breaks. We own our carts, so they’re our responsibility. That’s also why it’s a good idea to have a Granger cart instead of using a personal container. Our carts are commercial-grade containers that are made to put up with the wear and tear of being serviced every week. Personal containers are not as durable. They’re more easily broken and that’s why we can’t be responsible for them. If your Curby cart is in need of repair, contact us and we’ll deliver another cart to you on our next delivery day.

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What if my cart disappears?
If you know you are paid up on your bill, we probably didn’t take your cart. And as unlikely as it may seem, Curby carts do get stolen occasionally. If your cart comes up missing, give us a call at 888-9GRANGER or send us a message and we’ll get you a new one.

What should I do if there’s trash in my cart that isn’t mine?
Once in a while, you may find that one of your neighbors is putting trash in your cart. And although it might be fun to play detective for a while, unfortunately, our customer service representatives and drivers can’t track down the culprit for you. If you happen to find some evidence (like a piece of mail with a name and address on it) in your trash, contact your local police department.

Why does my new cart look smaller than my old one?
If you have been a Granger customer for a long time, you probably had an old-style, short, squatty Curby cart. Those carts are no longer available. The newer carts are taller and skinnier. Although they may look different than your old cart, don’t worry. The capacity of the cart is the same.

And if you’re not sure how to place your cart on your collection day, click here to download a printable cart placement guide.

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