The lowdown on waste and recycling

Disaster Preparedness: Managing Household Hazardous Waste

When you think of disaster situations, it’s likely that your first thought is not what might happen if your paint thinner and disinfectant come into contact. For many, understanding household waste management itself can be overwhelming. Don’t fret, because we are here to answer your burning questions and make sure you’re well equipped with the… Continue reading

Getting to Know Captain Curby

Many of us first met Captain Curby when we were handed our first Curby doll or when we saw him out at a Lugnuts game. Some may have been first introduced to Curby during one of his previous birthdays—through well wishes on social media or his iconic 30th birthday billboard. One of the best things… Continue reading

Make Back to School a Little Greener

As the summer winds down, thoughts inevitably turn to back-to-school shopping. And while it’s exciting for kids to get some cool new stuff which takes a little of the sting out of having to head back to the classroom, the whole process can get downright environmentally unfriendly. Here are a few tips for keeping back… Continue reading

A Lesson from Your Garbage Men and Women: Inspect Your Vehicle

Since Granger has vehicles on the road all day, every day, our associates, including drivers and mechanics, must be vigilant about ensuring these vehicles are in correct working order. After all, if our trucks aren’t in good condition, it could affect the safety of our associates and everyone else on the road. But even those… Continue reading

The Propane Tank is Empty! Now What?

  If you do a lot of grilling or camping, inevitably you’ll be emptying a lot of those propane tanks, whether it’s a larger tank for your gas grill or camper or the 1 lb. canisters you use for your camp stove. Now what do you do? You have a few different options. Best Option… Continue reading

Safe Fireworks Disposal

Fireworks might be a fun way to celebrate summer holidays, but they can be extremely dangerous. Just as you should use caution when setting off fireworks, there are safety precautions that need to be taken when disposing of fireworks (or the remains of fireworks). Fireworks disposed of improperly can be a fire hazard. Please follow… Continue reading

Granger Waste Services Unveils New Building in Blackman Township

Facility will help Granger better serve Jackson and surrounding area This week Granger Waste Services representatives unveiled a new building in Blackman Township. The building is located at Granger’s existing property on Lansing Avenue near Granger Disposal Center of Jackson. The 16,000 square foot, energy-efficient facility includes six mechanic bays and a wash bay, as… Continue reading

Make a Difference on Earth Day and Beyond

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22. There are numerous events around the country that you can participate in to show your love for the earth, and that’s a great way to spend the day. However, you don’t have to attend a huge event to make a difference. Instead, use Earth Day this… Continue reading

Yard Waste: What It Is and What to Do With It

If you have a yard, you probably have yard waste. Disposing of it may seem simple, but it’s important to note that yard waste can’t be disposed of like regular waste. Click a question below or scroll through for answers to all your yard waste collection questions. What is yard waste? Can I throw my yard… Continue reading