Holiday Trash Tips

By Andrea Davis on December 14, 2021

During the holiday season, we all tend to generate a lot more trash. It’s to be expected, but having all those extra things to throw away can present some challenges. Here are some tips for making things a little easier on yourself (and on us too!):

  1. Be sure you know the holiday collection schedule. Knowing whether or not we are delayed can make the difference between your trash getting picked up and you missing your pickup. There are multiple ways to find out if we’re delayed: sign up for holiday reminders (we will send you a message to let you know if there is a delay or not), visit our schedule page or follow us on Facebook, just to name a few.
  2. Don’t advertise your new toys to everyone driving by your house. So, you got a huge flat screen TV from your wife for Christmas? That’s great, but don’t set the box out by your cart for everyone to see. Break it down and put it inside your cart or better yet, take it to a Recycling Drop-off.
  3. When you get new stuff, don’t automatically throw all the old items in the trash. If you were lucky enough to get a new appliance, piece of furniture or electronic item, find out if the seller of the new item has any type of an exchange program. Another option If the old items are still in good condition is to look for places to donate them. Someone in need or just setting up a household might really appreciate that ugly couch. Some items, such as toys with rechargeable batteries, can even be harmful if placed in the trash, so be sure you’re disposing of these items properly.
  4. Consider how you place your trash. This is particularly important if you’re serviced by one of our automated trucks. Avoid piling extra trash between your cart and the street. Keep any extra trash contained as much as possible to make it easier to service quickly and efficiently.
  5. Remember the weight limits. It may be tempting to shove as much trash in that bag as you can, but the 30 lb. limit still applies during the holiday season. If your bag is deemed to be too heavy, it will likely not be picked up.
  6. Split it up. If you have a large number of extra bags, consider putting a few bags out each week, rather than all at once. Just choose the bags you’re saving for next week wisely, making sure they don’t contain anything that will smell in your garage.
  7. Be prepared for us to arrive at any time. We don’t guarantee pickup times at any time of the year, but during the holidays your pickup can vary more than usual. A big increase in the volume of trash we pick up can cause our routes to run later than usual. On the flip side of that, we may send out trucks to help your normal drivers, which could cause your trash to be picked up earlier than usual.
  8. Understand that your next invoice may contain extra charges. Any time you go over your bag limit, there will be a small charge for each extra bag. If you don’t know what your limit is, email us at

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