This policy covers all the means of communication available through Granger, including telephone, voice mail, radio, written correspondence, fax, e-mail, internet and any other means of communication provided by the company.

All communication services and equipment and messages that are stored or transmitted on them are the sole property of Granger and may be accessed, restricted and monitored.  Associates have no expectation of privacy in any means of communication through Granger’s systems and services.

There shall be no defaming, harassing, intimidating, sexually suggestive, offensive, discriminatory or disrespectful communications either inside or outside the office.

Associates shall not disclose passwords or other codes to other associates or those outside the company for any form of communications, other than as required by management.  All passwords and encryption codes are the property of Granger, shall be made known to management and may not be changed without permission.

There shall be no unauthorized transmission of trade secrets or confidential or proprietary information.  No communication provided by the company may be used for personal commercial ventures.  All communications should be business-related and conducted in a businesslike manner.