Living the Golden Rule: 5 Ways to Be Kind

By Rachael on November 13, 2023

You may be wondering exactly what being kind has to do with a trash company. Usually, the answer would be nothing. But since we’re talking about Granger in particular, the answer is EVERYTHING.

More than 50 years ago, this company was started by three Granger brothers and built on the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is all about being kind, and living by it continues to be our mantra to this day. As you may or may not know, the Golden Rule (although it’s not referred by that term specifically in the Bible) figures prominently in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It is referenced in the verse Matthew 7:12 (and others) and says “So in everything you do, do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Seems pretty simple, and it goes without saying that we would like people to be kind to us so that’s what we should be to them.

So why not find a few ways to be kind to one another? Need some ideas? We just happen to have a few:

  1. Compliment someone in a meaningful way.

    Black mother and child high five
    Sure, it’s nice for someone to say your hair looks great or that’s a pretty sweater, but a meaningful compliment is even better. Maybe you notice one of your coworkers always comes up with creative ideas for solving problems. It’s possible no one has ever complimented her on that. Or one of your friends is a fantastic dad to his three kids. Tell him about it.

  2. Give someone a boost in difficult times.

    Young nurse assisting disabled lady

    If you know one of your friends, coworkers, family members or neighbors is going through a rough patch, do something to help them. Invite them for coffee, drop off a card or small gift or some flowers to brighten their day. You can even bake them something. (Although depending on your baking skills, that may or may not be kind.) You probably can’t fix their problem, but you can at least making things a little more pleasant for them while they’re going through it.

  3. React with compassion when someone is rude or inconsiderate.

    Woman changing smileys on her face

    No doubt you’ve heard it before, but you never know what people are going through. If you react to their words or actions with kindness, it may make them feel better (and it certainly won’t make them feel worse).

  4. Say thank you.

    Most of us do this on a daily basis simply out of politeness, but we probably don’t realize all the things we could be thanking people for. For example, send a text to a friend with a particularly busy schedule just to thank him for making time to spend quality time with you (and to help you with your golf game). Or thank your mom for always being willing to pick up the kids when you have to work late. Chances are people don’t do these things for us expecting thanks, but it’s always nice to be appreciated.

  5. Smile at strangers.

    Pedestrians in Motion
    It’s easy to smile when we’re in a good mood or with our friends and family. But many of us are guilty of looking down at the sidewalk when passing people or staring at our phones instead of making eye contact and smiling at others in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Think about how you feel when someone (even a stranger) smiles at you. It’s hard not to feel good about it, isn’t it?

Who knows? Being kind to people today might just feel so good that you want to keep doing it all year long.

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