The Scariest Hazards in Waste Disposal

By Andrea Davis on October 31, 2023

Working in the waste industry is rewarding, but that doesn’t mean our associates don’t have a tough job. Hazards can come from all different sources. Because we place so much value on safety, we do our best to avoid anything that could threaten the safety and health of our associates and community and world around us. This Halloween, we’re sharing some of the scariest hazards with you in the hopes that you’ll help!

Unsafe Driving

At Granger, safety is one of our core 4 values. Associates take great care to follow safety procedures and precautions. Drivers must be extremely careful while on the road to protect themselves and those around them. But even if we are as safe as we can possibly be in all that we do, we can’t guarantee other drivers on the road will be safe as well. Unsafe driving is more than frightening—it’s dangerous. For that reason, unsafe driving is the scariest thing out there for us.

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Electronic Waste

Modern day electronics are immense safety risks when not disposed of properly. Devices (and the batteries that power them) pose a fire risk for those handling collection. E-waste is also composed of heavy metals and flame retardants that shouldn’t be in the landfill. The risk this poses to people and wildlife is more than enough for this to make our list.

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Medical Waste

Medical waste can be a significant danger for our drivers and others handling waste. Needles and other sharps, especially, can easily cause harm. Being stuck by a needle can injure associates, as well as potentially expose them to bloodborne pathogens or diseases.

Disposing of medical waste in a landfill was also made illegal in 1994 as part of the Solid Waste Act. For all these reasons, medical waste lands on our list.

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Yard Waste

Improper yard waste disposal is actually illegal. Disposing of yard waste in landfills in Michigan was made illegal under the Solid Waste Act.

But it’s not just illegal. It can also be dangerous. When yard waste is thrown away, the bags generate heat from the decomposing materials. When these bags are broken or opened, they are exposed to oxygen and the material inside can ignite. And that’s why yard waste is on our scary list.

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With all these potential hazards, you can see why we value safety as much as we do. Every day, our associates take preventive measures to ensure that they and the community around them are as safe as possible. Now that you know some of the dangers we avoid, you can too! To learn more about how to dispose of something you’re unsure about, you can always search our blog at: