Waste & Recycling Workers Week—How You Can Help Celebrate

By Andrea Davis on June 10, 2021

The third week in June is designated as Waste & Recycling Workers Week. This important celebration, formerly called as Garbage Man Appreciation Week at Granger, is a chance to recognize all workers who contribute to keeping communities clean, either by picking up waste or by fulfilling important roles that help support waste collection.

At Granger, we always appreciate our associates, but at certain times of the year, we provide some special perks and recognition to our entire team.

As a loyal Granger customer, you may be looking for ways to help us celebrate. We’d love to have your participation, so we came up with these ideas:

  • Do what you can to make their job a little easier. The absolute best way to help our drivers and helpers is to follow the guidelines for collection. That means having your trash, recycling or yard waste out by the earliest time listed in your area, bagging all trash, setting out only acceptable items, following cart placement instructions, not overloading containers and paying attention to size and weight limits for bags and carts. (For detailed information on collection guidelines, click here.) Following the guidelines is very much appreciated!
  • Send a message of appreciation. Kudos and thank you messages can be submitted here, emailed to [email protected] or posted on our Facebook page. Many of our customers take the time to send these messages, which are always shared with the associate and his or her supervisor.
  • Print and color the WRWW coloring page. Or get even more creative by making your own drawing or thank you sign. Post your artwork by taping it to your cart or mailbox pole on your collection day.
  • Share our posts. Sharing this blog post and our Waste & Recycling Workers Facebook posts  with your social networks will help get your friends, family and neighbors involved.
  • Say thank you. If you happen to see your drivers or helpers while they’re picking up in your neighborhood, take the time to wave, smile and thank them for their service.