What You Need to Know about Granger Disposal Centers

By Rachael on December 2, 2016

copy-of-top-5-reasons-granger-should-be-your-professional-home_-blog-post-2016-11-03Occasionally, when you’re killing time looking through our website, checking out our Facebook page or driving by, you might see the name Granger Disposal Center. At the time, it may have puzzled you. Maybe you thought to yourself, “someday I need to find out more about these Disposal Centers.” Well today is that day. Keep reading for answers to some common Disposal Center questions.

What is a Disposal Center, anyway?

A Disposal Center is a useful place where you can self-haul your own trash (and yard waste at some locations). Granger has three Disposal Center locations for your trash-hauling convenience: Disposal Center of Lansing, Disposal Center of Jackson and Disposal Center of Alma.

What can you bring to the Disposal Center?

Each Disposal Center accepts slightly different items, but all of them accept household trash (bagged or loaded into a trailer or vehicle), construction materials (like all that ugly linoleum or tile you ripped out of the bathroom), appliances (like that dorm fridge that hasn’t worked for five years) and furniture (like that beat up couch sitting in your basement). Check the page for each Disposal Center for a specific list of items accepted at that location.

What about yard waste?

We accept yard waste items such as brush, tree trimmings, leaves and grass clippings at our Disposal Center of Lansing and Disposal Center of Jackson locations only.

How much does it cost to bring items to a Disposal Center?

Pricing varies based on the item and location. A full price list for each Disposal Center can be found here. And just to make it easy for you we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash at each location.

Who can use the Disposal Center?

All Granger Disposal Centers are open to the general public. Whether you’re bringing items from a residence or hauling loads for your business. You don’t have to have service with us to make use of them.

Bonus question: Is it true that the hours for the Disposal Center of Lansing are changing?

Why, yes! On December 5, the Disposal Center of Lansing will switch to its winter hours. Winter hours are as follows: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon.

So, there you have it—a few of the highlights. Want to learn more? Below are some useful links to find pricing, hours and other details for our Disposal Centers.

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