Renewable Energy

Granger has a long history of using trash as a resource. In 1985, Granger was the first company in Michigan to harness the power of landfills as a renewable source of energy.

Today, the trash we collect is put to a productive and environmentally friendly use by Energy Developments (EDL), a company that utilizes our landfill gas, which is created from the natural decomposition of organics in your trash, to produce renewable energy.

RNG Facility at Wood Street Landfill

In late 2021, EDL opened Lansing’s first renewable natural gas (RNG) facility. The facility extracts and converts about 22,000 tons of waste gas per year from Granger Waste Services’ Wood Street Landfill into approximately 870,000 mmBtu of RNG each year.

The RNG produced at the Wood Road RNG Facility will be added to Consumers Energy’s existing pipeline network for delivery to BP, for use in CNG fueling stations across the United States and for delivery to residential, commercial and industrial users across North America.

Environmental benefits of the facility are roughly equivalent to one of the following:

removing CO2 emissions from



removing CO2 emissions from


pounds of coal

Energy generated by the facility is enough to do one of the following:



homes per year

charge your phone



turn on your stove



Grand River Generating Station

In addition to the RNG facility, EDL also operates Grand River Generating Station, which uses landfill gas from Granger Waste Services’ Grand River Avenue Landfill to generate electricity, which is sold to Consumers Energy and goes out from the facility directly into the power grid.

Grand River Generating Station has a current electric capacity of 3.2 megawatts (MW). Annual electrical energy production of the facility is equivalent to power consumed by 1,915 homes. The carbon emissions offset is equal to 17,703,311 gallons of gasoline consumed.