How You Should Place Your Cart and Why It Matters

By Rachael on January 19, 2022

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We’re adding more automated side load (ASL) trucks to our fleet all the time because they’re so safe and efficient. (Not sure what an ASL truck is or why it’s safer and more efficient? Check out this blog post.)

But the thing about using an ASL truck is that for optimal usage, you really need to set your trash or recycling out a certain way. When we empty a cart that’s in the best position (within three feet of the street, with at least two feet of clearance on either side and with the front facing the road), here are some of the things that are most likely to happen:

  • It will be easier for the truck arm to pick up the cart without touching anything else.
  • The trash will come out of the cart and into the truck more easily.
  • It will be easier to place the cart back in an upright position.

To see what this looks like when you place your cart the CORRECT way, check out the video below:

That works great! The cart is picked up by the arm, all trash is emptied and the cart is placed on the curb.

What about the alternative? Placing your cart with the handle facing the road makes it a lot more difficult to manage.

Here’s what happens when your cart is placed the INCORRECT way:

It just doesn’t work as well at all.

So, what if you have another type of truck picking up your trash or recycling? Follow these cart placement instructions anyway. Even if we’re not using an ASL truck, your trash and recycling will still be in a great spot for the driver to efficiently complete your pickup.

Need a convenient reminder of how to place your cart? Download a cart placement flyer and post in a place that’s visible to the whole family.

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