The Details of Disposing of Bulk Waste

By Rachael on April 6, 2018

If you’re like most of us, your weekly trash fits neatly into a trash bag, which fits neatly into your Curby Cart. But occasionally, you might have something a little (or lot) larger that requires disposal. That larger item is probably a bulk. Read on for more information about bulk items and how to dispose of them.

What is a bulk item?

Bulk items are a little hard to define, but basically, if you can’t fit it in a trash bag, it’s a bulk item. It can be something very large, like a hot tub, or something much smaller, like a 20” TV.

How can I dispose of a bulk item?

If you have the ability to do so, the best option is to self-haul your bulk item to a Granger Disposal Center. It’s considerably cheaper than having us pick it up at your house and has other advantages as well, such as not having the item sitting at the curb.

A secondary option is to schedule a bulk collection at your home.

How do you determine whether my bulk item is a small or large bulk item?

If your bulk item is small enough to fit in your cart (e.g., microwave), it is considered a small bulk. Large bulks are items that are too big for your cart, such as dishwashers and furniture.

Is there a separate charge for bulks?

There is a fee to dispose of bulks at a Granger Disposal Center (click here for pricing information). If you are a single-subscription customer (not part of a contract between your township, village, etc., and Granger), there is a charge to pick up bulks from your home. The collection charge varies based on factors like the type of item, whether or not it contains Freon or another refrigerant that needs to be removed and your location.

Do I need to let Granger know I have a bulk item to be picked up or can I just leave it out on my regular trash day?

Please let us know if you have a bulk item. We may be able to pick it up on your normal trash day, but depending on the item, we might need to use a special truck, which would likely come on another day. We might have special instructions for how to prepare the item for collection. We’ll also ask that you prepay for bulk item collection.

Can I get more than one bulk item picked up at a time?

Certainly! Just be sure to let us know how many items there are and what each item is so we’ll be able to charge you appropriately and send the best truck to collect your items.

Are there any bulk items that Granger won’t accept?

We won’t accept any items for disposal that are prohibited by our Waste Acceptance Guidelines. Very large or very heavy bulks might not be accepted due to operational and safety issues.

What happens if I put my bulk item out for Granger and someone else picks it up?

If you know someone else has picked your bulk item up, please contact us as soon as you can. We will either refund your prepayment or apply it to a future bill. If we get to your house to pick up the item and it isn’t there (and you haven’t contacted us), we will give you a credit for the bulk charge less a $15 wasted trip fee.

How do I schedule a bulk pickup?

To have your bulk item collected, fill out this form or call our office at 1-888-9GRANGER.

Will my bulk item be recycled?

The simplest answer is sometimes. Large appliances that are mostly metal will be taken to a local metal recycler, where any refrigerants will be removed and the metal portions of the appliance recycled. Items like furniture and smaller bulks that go in with your regular trash collection are taken to the landfill. Though these items do get made into renewable energy through the landfill gas-to energy process, you may want to consider other options. For example, if you’re purchasing new furniture and/or appliances, check with the store to see if they have any programs to take your old items when delivering the new ones. Or consider donating furniture and other items to a charitable organization or someone who is furnishing a new home or apartment on a small budget. It not only makes you feel good, it also saves you a collection/disposal fee and may get you a tax deduction.

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